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Cooperative Farms

"Growing Together"

Mission: Transforming underutilized land into urban farms for community gardens and entrepreneurial enterprises designed to strengthen the social and economic fabric of Akron through agriculture.


Akron Cooperative Farms is both a Cooperative and Commercial Urban Farm in the North Hill community of Akron, OH. The Cooperative Farm consists of over 4 acres of urban farming. This cooperative farm approach is designed to bring diverse residents and neighbors together around growing produce for their families, their community, as well as to sell to market as entrepreneurs.

Bringing the City Together

  • Akron Residents

  • Refugees and Immigrants

  • Under and Unemployed

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Retired and Aging Adults

  • Youth and Children

  • Local Food Advocates and Agencies


The commercial enterprise consists of a greenhouse production that grows fresh, local greens and herbs. This produce is sold to market, producing revenues designated to employ the Akron reentry and refugee community, stimulating the local food economy. 


  • Job Creation

  • Creating a socially inclusive haven

  • Promoting and supporting entrepreneurship

  • Placemaking

  • Sourcing the region with local food

  • Re-purposing underutilized land

  • Providing space where ethnic minorities can reconnect to their agrarian culture


735 Gaylan Dr.

Akron, OH 44310

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