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Collaborative Initiatives

Check out some of our IMPACT enterprises

The Dream Lab: The Dream Lab provides a collaborative, creative co-working space for the development of art and enterprise designed for community impact. It exists to provide artists and impact entrepreneurs a physical location and office space to start, develop, and/or maintain their enterprise. The Dream Lab itself is nearly 500 square feet of co-working space, with private office spaces available. Designed to nurture connectivity, collaboration, and creativity. Located in The Front Porch, a hub of community impact.

Akron Cooperative Farms: an urban farm in North Akron that is transforming underutilized land into community gardens and entrepreneurial enterprises that implement innovative, sustainable strategies designed to strengthen the social and economic fabric of Akron through agriculture. Click here for more info. And follow the initiative on Facebook!

Reentry Support in Summit County: AKLF supports reentry services in partnership with South Street Ministries. Reentry Support Meetings are held every Tuesday at 4 pm at the Front Porch (798 Grant St. Akron, OH 44311). If you're a returning citizen, come get plugged into to a community that will support you and give you access to resources. If you're a person who cares, reach out so we can partner and/or get you plugged in!

The Restored Women's Network: a county-wide housing and development initiative offering hope and a new beginning to young women who want to be free from the lifestyle of addiction and incarceration. This initiative provides housing, employment, and support services to women in re-entry and recovery. 

First Community Transportation: a ride-share initiative for the re-entry community.

The Good Food Movement: a multi-faceted cultural engine designed to create, plant, and promote points of access for the development of food culture in the historically under-served communities of Greater Akron through education, experience, and employment. Akron Cooperative Farms is an impact enterprise of the Good Food Movement that is designed to create jobs, source local entities with ultra-local produce,and promote food equity through an urban farm with a commercial greenhouse operation.

Identify. Invest. Integrate

While we are intentional about identifying leaders most proximate to the pain of our city, we will come alongside any leaders seeking the welfare of the city. Our aim is to help facilitate initiatives that will directly support the 30% of people in Akron who are afflicted by poverty and the associated social determinants of health. We are unashamedly biased toward this population. 

Have a dream for your city? Do you want to take poverty, addiction, racial division, and other socio-spiritual issues head on? Contact Us and lets work together for the good of our city.

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