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The Team -- With Akron On Our Hearts

Bryson Davis

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Bryson serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the AKLF. He has been serving in various leadership roles
for 13 years. Learning from
his own experiences of
poverty and loss, he has
transformed his
disadvantages into
advantages for others. His passions are youth, leadership development, race & culture, and economic development. 

Charles Roe

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Dr. Roe serves as the Executive Director of the AKLF Economic Development Center. He is a serial entrepreneur with a background in financial education and employment counseling. Charles presently serves on the Board of Directors of
AlgiSys, Jubilee Impact Fund, Across Borders, Agora College, and Word of Grace Church. He is passionate about the socio-economic, physical, and spiritual well-being of Akron.

Donovan Harris

Donovan serves as the Community Liaison for the AKLF. He is the Summit County Re-entry Specialist who after being sentenced to a long prison
term at 18, has since spent
13 years bringing help,
hope, and opportunity to
the city he loves – Akron. He is a
star of the feature-length
documentary, “The Cooler
Bandits”, featured on
national television shows,
a national speaker, and a
loving father of two.

Duane Crabbs

Duane is the Chair of the AKLF Board of Directors. He is a former firefighter-paramedic who with his wife, Lisa, formed South Street Ministries in 1997. Chaplain/Pastor Crabbs has impacted the lives of thousands throughout Akron with a holistic approach to city transformation that is centered in love. His philosophy of taking the whole Gospel to the whole person for the whole of the city is the engine of the AKLF.   

Kara Ulmer

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Kara serves on the Board of the AKLF. She is the Director of World Relief Akron, a refugee resettlement agency. Since opening in 2015, World Relief Akron has helped to resettle 260 refugees in our city. Prior to World Relief, Kara directed Freedom Stones International, an international social enterprise working with over 100 human trafficking survivors or at risk artisans in Ghana, West Africa, Thailand, and Cambodia. Before Freedom Stones, Kara served as Director of Strategic Planning & Analytics for Barclays in England, one of the 10 largest banks in the world. Kara lives in and is dedicated to Akron.

Andrew Pfieffer

Andrew serves on the AKLF Board and is a practicing attorney licensed in the State of Ohio, with experience in estate planning, probate administration, for profit and nonprofit business formation, compliance issues, and succession planning. Andrew enjoys the outdoors, and has a passion for the city, as he resides in the Akron community of Kenmore. Andrew enjoys the opportunity to work closely with 501(c)3 organizations to effect positive change in Akron -- specifically in the Summit Lake Community that is his home. 

Ralph Gatti

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Ralph serves as the Vice Chair on the AKLF Board. He is the Director for the Navigators in Central and Eastern Europe and the European Director for the Global Enterprise Network. Ralph currently supervises staff and projects for the Navigators in 14 CEE countries. His 40 years of business experience includes 18 years as the CEO of an automotive aftermarket products manufacturing company and ownership, board, and consulting positions with a number of for-profit businesses and non-profit organizations.  For over 30 years, Ralph has had a keen interest in the development of the Akron community through supporting its faith-based organizations and their key leaders

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