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The Akron Leadership Foundation


To foster positive change across Akron by engaging leaders whose initiatives are closest to the needs and opportunities of our communities, building their capacity, and integrating them into a diverse Akron social network.

Core Values

The AKLF is founded and rooted in the Christian ethos modeled by the person of Jesus. Thus, we work with anyone seeking the welfare of the city regardless of religious, political, gender, or social standing. 

Love: Jesus loved everyone. So will we. Are you everyone? So are we. This value covers all the rest. But, keep reading.

Justice: We operate with and advocate for justice in every aspect of what we do. We don't cut corners.

Compassion: We feel the pain of our city and work toward the common good.

Collaboration & Unity: We seek to tear down silos by mediating unified work across leaders, organizations, communities, and sectors. This also requires inclusion.

Stewardship: We steward our talent, resources, time, and this planet with the utmost care.

Reinvestment & Generosity: We are called to radical generosity. We seek to invest profit right back into the communities we love through initiatives, business, and social enterprise.

People & Place: We are called to love and serve people. We specifically work to move toward people on the margins, unlikely leaders. People are connected to and shaped by place. So, we are equally invested in the environments people inhabit.

Servant Leadership: We lead through servanthood. With people, not for people. 

Common Good: We strive to work with anyone of good will to achieve the common good of the city defined by social, spiritual, and economic health.

Christian Moral & Ethical Standards: Christ calls us to a standard of ethics and morality that we will uphold and allow to guide all we do. We will operate out of these standards of equity and love through our work across philosophical differences.  

Core Competencies

Engaging Leaders

Capacity Building

Effective Collaboration

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