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Kingdom Leadership Alliance

Connecting, Equipping, and Supporting Faith-based Urban Leadership

The KLA is a training and networking initiative for urban leaders in the NE Ohio region. There is no membership, only participation. The KLA gathers city servants from across communities to come together, share best-practices, support one another, and grow. We're leaders of faith holistically trained to serve in the neighborhoods, marketplace, and margins of cities.

2 Tiers of Training & Networking


(I) 9 Month Certificate Program in Urban Leadership (Most Comprehensive Training Offering)

(II) Keep Growing: Leadership Development Workshop Series

The KLA is for anyone with a heart for their community. Current and aspiring leaders that range from “lay” leaders, pastors, theologians, corporate leaders, non-profit leaders/staff/volunteers, community and grassroots leaders, church-folk, and non-church folk. The KLA is a supplement to both the college and the Sunday church experience by offering practical training to do the holistic and inclusive work of community transformation. If you want to grow, the KLA is for you! Are you an organizational leader? The KLA is perfect for staff and volunteer development. 

Learn and Practice Community Development

Connect With Urban Leaders

Grow in Faith

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