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Who We Are

Connecting, Equipping, and Supporting Faith-based Urban Leadership

The KLA is a training and networking initiative for urban leaders in the NE Ohio region. There is no membership, only participation. The KLA gathers city servants from across communities to come together, share best-practices, support one another, and grow. We're leaders of faith holistically trained to serve in the neighborhoods, marketplace, and margins of cities.

Our Vision: The spiritual and social transformation of the city.

Our Mission: To engage, equip, and encourage faith-based leaders within a community of practice to effectively and inclusively work toward the welfare of their city within their realm of influence.


Our Philosophy: Because our programming is rooted in Jude-Christian philosophy, we work with anyone seeking community transformation regardless of religious, political, gender, or social standing. Through the influence and guide of the Spirit of God, our understanding of the grand narrative of the Bible informs our lives and directs our mission.

Learn and Practice Community Development

Connect With Urban Leaders

Grow in Faith

Our roots

21 years ago Duane and Lisa Crabbs took a leap of faith and moved into one of Akron's most challenged neighborhoods, Summit Lake. In response to an invitation from God, they established a presence there as a family, as neighbors, and as friends. As time passed and relationships grew, their presence there birthed a local church and later a Christian Community Development organization known as South Street Ministries. Since then, the Crabbs family has inspired a generation of leaders to accept the same invitation from God: to seek the welfare of their city.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. "

Marcus Garvey

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