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The KLA School of Urban leadership

Practical training for missional living in the neighborhoods, marketplace, and margins of the city.

The KLA School of Urban Leadership is about leadership development: expanding the capacity to lead while enlarging the breadth of influence of strong leaders throughout the city. We offer practical training and equipping for leaders of faith to do functional and effective work in urban settings. 


2 Tiers of Training 

I.   9 month Certificate Program in Urban Leadership

II.  Keep Growing: Leadership Development Workshops Series

Program Description 

The School of Urban Leadership is designed to engage, equip, and encourage current and aspiring leaders with relevant knowledge and skills that can transform mind, heart, and soul. This learning program is both academic and practical, but ultimately designed to develop strong leaders and practitioners who can engage in an ever-changing urban world with ever-present challenges. A certificate of Urban Leadership is received upon completion. Learn more below.


Our Leadership Development Workshop Series is free and open to the public. They are offered to any and all individuals and/or groups from the Northeast Ohio region. Workshops are a required component of the School of Urban Leadership Certificate Program. Learn more below.


What Makes the School of Urban Leadership Unique?

There is an abundance of churches, church programs, organizations, and well-intentioned agencies that work in silos and fall within a service-industry motif. While there may be a place for this in our cities, there must be a greater shift toward that of capacity-building work. In addition, most programs, both academic and non-academic, are organized and designed for the learning objectives and gain of the individual, rather than groups of communities. The KLA School of Urban Leadership consists of communities of practice* (grassroot, churches, agencies, formal and informal organizations, etc.) who desire to collectively address the projects. concerns, issues, opportunities, and capacities of the neighborhoods, marketplace, and margins of their city through philosophies of community development.

Neighborhoods: The physical places we live and move and have our being in. 

Marketplace: Our places of work, the different sectors that a functional city consists of, and the economy that houses all of the above

Margins: People and populations who are not traditionally offered a seat at tables where decisions are made (i.e. minorities, the poor and powerless, the LGBTQ community, etc.)

The School of Urban Leadership engages current and aspiring practitioners where they currently are to affirm their work as a tool for transformation and build their capacity to enhance that transformation. We do this by focusing on relevant, but often difficult topics. We therefore equip practitioners to lead and love well within a pluralistic culture that is more and more turned off by people of faith. Through active learning, training, networking, and leadership support groups, the School of Urban Leadership will encourage all participants by connecting them to a larger community of practice, resources, coaching, consultation, and accountability. 

*community of practice - an organic form of training built around a domain of knowledge, community of people, and shared practices

*childcare is provided for all gatherings.

See below for more information and to apply. Contact Us if you have any further questions, comments, concerns, or would like more information about the program.


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Keep growing! Check out our current Leadership Development Workshop series offered to the public for free.


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