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We're here for you!

The KLA offers support and community for the personal development and care of leaders. Leadership is costly. Leading in the urban environment can be especially difficult. No matter your context. Let us support you!

Lunch and Learns: Once a month lunch gatherings where you and your peers can hear from, and be inspired by grassroots leaders over a great meal at The Front Porch Café. Don't worry, you'll get back to work on time!

Coaching, Consultation, and Accountability: Leadership is tough and can be isolating. Not only does this allow for mission drift and poor execution of programming, but it also allows for burn out and toxic practices. These services are available to bless and support the work you're doing, but most importatntly, to care for you! We partner with Made to Flourish to provide care and services for leaders and pastors. Contact us for more information.

Leadership Forum: Connect with other leaders online. Ask questions, answer questions, join discussions, inspire with art, and network. Get 24/7 access to leadership wisdom from peers and be a part of a community development movement that is transforming people and places. Become a member of the forum. It's easy. It's free. And it reduces forum trolls! Sign up.

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